Jester Collars
Are on sale now
for $15.00 also
can be made
with or without
We love animals and
we know you love
them too!
Unfortunately, the
majority of dogs and
cats are not
receiving a
complete, healthy
diet and many
become ill and die
Labs™' main
purpose is to help
increase your pet's
longevity and quality
of life.
Terms And
Shipping And
Show leads are made with the
strongest 550 pound military
grade cord. feature's 100%
NYLON  7 Strand core, 5/32"
diameter. New styles coming
We do carry a wide variety of
para cord colors other than listed.
We also do make the leashes with
beads, wooden, crystal, sterling
silver and more. If you are
interested in those please email us
directly for sample pictures made
by us .

We also carry leather bolo cord
leashes and collars that are hand
made by us. We can also add a
little bling to them also. Please
contact us on them also. Sample
leashes can be emailed to you.
Thank you
These are the show leads that you can
purchase at shows. The only difference with
our leads is that we DO NOT take out the
core when we stich the ends. When the core
is taken out of the ends it makes the
leashes have weak spots. Thats why you
purchase our heavy duty leads, which we use
on our show dogs .