We started designing the
concept of the collar cover
because the bandanas just
didn't work for the smaller pets.


Several years ago i got a
beautiful dapple dachshund and
her bandana was either to
short or to long that she
tripped over it. For her safety, I
designed something that would
be comfortable and also have
the look of a designer product.

Another reason:

The bandanas just never stayed
on my pet for more than a few
minutes. She pulled it off or the
knot untied. I'm sure everyone
has had this experience . The
collar cover was my way of
designing something that would
stay on the collar, be
comfortable, and add that style.
They are all machine washable
and air dry only .

These real collar covers are
wonderful for your holiday
photos and also great for the
pet that wont wear that  
costume that you spent so much
money on.We also custom make
jester and jingle collars ( which
have an elastic core ) for holiday
photos, any occasion or be the
mascot for your husbands
favorite sports team.

The jingle collars can be
specially made to fit your loving
pet no matter what size. They
have an elastic core that
stretches. You can also specify
if you would like bells or not.

**** Not all dogs like the jingling in
their ears, so be sure to make
sure if you have a hound breed
or a noise sensitive pet to get
one without bells ****

I make collars, leashes, weenie
wraps / belly bands, show leads,
biggest selection of designer
inspired and much more.

Our products are all made of the
best quality materials and
hardware. Please take a look at
all our wonderful handmade pet

Thank You to all the customers
for the wonderful pictures on
the website.

I hope you enjoy my handmade pet
products designed by a pet

Please remember all questions
are welcome and special orders.