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All of our items on this page are designer inspired. They are custom made to add that
little extra something Although our products are comparable in some aspects to
original name brands, we DO NOT represent them to be original, nor do we represent
that they are exact copies. Therefore, we do not violate any copyright laws. We simply
ask consumers to compare the price, quality and style to the above-mentioned name
brands. Any reference to brand names or “Inspired By” is made strictly for comparison
purposes. We are confident that you will be pleased with our products.
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All the weenie wraps are custom made with a 100%
fleece inside ( against tummy and penis area) to
provide a comfortable fit and an cotton design
print on the outside. All of my belly bands are
heavy stitched for machine washing and regular or
daily wear. I will match the solid color fleece to go
with your fabric of choice.
Our Collar Covers are made to give our pampered
pets the designer look without the high cost of
replacing collars. The collar covers are designed to
slide right over your pets normal collar. All collar
covers come in two sizes unless specially ordered.
They are machine washable, and all handmade
Our  reflective collars and leashes are made out of the best quality reflective
material. Our reflective collars and leashes can be seen up close and from a
distance. We also make our leashes reflective on both sides so if a vehicle
comes from behind you the reflectors will catch the attention of the driver. Our
collars and leashes are crafted with the best welded hardware and polypro and
nylon webbing.
We now carry Dog Show Leads in several different colors and styles. We will
be adding new styles daily as they are made. They are made with the strongest
550 pound military grade cord. Feature's are 100% NYLON  7 Strand core,
5/32" diameter to insure proper handling of your dog and comfort of the
hands. Beaded leads available. Must email for prices.
We are now making cat collars, teacup dog collars and harness's with
leashes. All these products are made with nylon and polypro
webbing and material on one side.